Camp Soaring Eagle Celebrates 7th Anniversary
And Closes on a 26-Acre Camp Location

Cornville-CampsiteWe are excited to announce that we have closed on a new camp property in Cornville, AZ. For the past six years, we have been running our programs out of Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde and the Briar Patch Inn in Sedona. Having our own, permanent, camp location will allow us to offer even more services and provide a local camp experience year-round. The new space will expand the programs – accommodating up to 80 campers at a time where Jackpot Ranch was limited to only 25 kids per session – and help us reach our 2014 goal of serving more than 1,600 campers. We will welcome our first set of campers to the new camp location this October.

“The new camp will allow us to bring hope to even more children as we help them get away from the everyday pressures of their illness and medical treatments and let them just be kids,” said Juan Morales, Camp Soaring Eagle Executive Director of Camp Operations. “Some of our campers do have obvious signs of their illnesses, they have physical scars, but the thing we don’t see are the emotional scars they have deep inside. Those hurts are what we address at Camp.”

Depending on the program, campers enjoy a wide range of activities such as horseback riding, fishing, archery and crafts. Each event is specifically tailored to the child’s individual needs and medical restrictions. Campers are usually referred to Camp Soaring Eagle from their pediatricians and medical professionals volunteer each weekend to provide the highest level of safety and care.

“Camp is a great adventure, something healthy kids look forward to and a place they can experience new things and make new friends,” said Morales. “Unfortunately for children suffering from serious illnesses, their medical conditions make a traditional camp experience out of the question, and that’s where Camp Soaring Eagle comes in.”

Our illness-specific programs are geared towards campers and families facing a variety of illnesses such as: blood disorders, cancer, bowel diseases, respiratory diseases and type 1 diabetes. Camp Soaring Eagle gives children a chance to interact with peers facing the same battles and a place where they don’t have to feel alone or different anymore.

Camp Programs

Camp Soaring Eagle provides year round, medically supervised, camping programs to children and family members from across Arizona with chronic and life threatening illnesses. We conduct two different types of camping programs: illness specific camper weekends and family retreats.

Illness Specific Camper Weekend Programs

Throughout the year we host illness-specific camper weekends where children with similar conditions are brought together for a weekend that builds their courage, instills hope and promotes joy. Campers are able to experience the magic that is camp while remaining under the watchful eye of our 24 hour medical team. Campers travel by motor coach to Camp Soaring Eagle located on 26 acres just outside of Sedona. While at camp, the children enjoy horseback riding, fishing, crafts, music, archery and boating and most importantly discovering in the process that they can do more than they ever thought possible.

Family Retreat Programs

When a child is diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening illness, the diagnosis directly affects not only the patient but the entire family. Our illness specific family retreats are held at Camp Soaring Eagle located just outside of Sedona. This location is the perfect backdrop where families can take a break from the grinding schedule of tests, treatments and hospital stays and simply focus on their family. Our counselors and volunteer medical staff are on hand with family centered programming, scrumptious meals and 24 hour medical care. These special retreats allow families to relax and discover the healing power of laughter.

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