The Best Pooper Scoopers of 2019?

You may love your pet a lot but it sometimes become impossible to smell and dispose of the waste by your pet. You need to collect and dispose the waste properly or else you have to bear the pain. As you love your pet you are ready to so that but you should be careful about the harmful microorganism too.

Thus, in such scenario the best thing that comes your way is the pooper scooper that will help you in disposing off the waste. They are easy to use and at the same time are sanitary too. You will get a number of models available in the market and each one has its own specialty. You can have a look at them here and choose one that is right for your usage.

Pik-a-Poo One-Handed Pooper Scooper

If you want to carry something along with you while going on long walk this can be your best accessory. It has one handed claw scooper which is made up of aluminum alloy and nylon and also some heavy duty plastic bags for collecting the waste of your pet. It is about 28” long that makes it quite usable both at your home and while you are on the go. It’s easy to attach the plastic bags and the tools can be folded down for storing easily.

Spotty Metal Tray with Rake

This is a specialist metal and rake item. When your pet does mess at your home most of the time it is the best pooper scooper that you can use. It is easy to use, durable device that really makes cleaning quite easy and simple. It is made up of aluminum that actually makes cleaning yards very simple. There are two pieces that easily glides through the concrete and sifts over the grass so that you can sweep the poop in the large tray. It is quite long and thus you do not have to strain your back while you collect the poop from the grass.

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper

This is a bit different from the ones mentioned earlier as it uses gravity for cleaning up your pet waste. You do not have to bend or use your hands when you use this pooper scooper for cleaning the waste of your pet. There is a doody bag and a 45” tube that is made up of recycled polyethylene. It is stick free and thus no waste gets stuck to the tray that may give foul smell later.